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Makeup Workshops


Copyright © 2010 Steven Lloyd Photography_MUA_ Shamyla Satti

Anyone can achieve an exciting, professional look and finish for all occasions with the right guidance, practice and tools. My three hour, one-on-one makeup lessons will set you on the right path to replicating a professionally applied finish to your makeup every-time.

My makeup lesson is structured in three sections. The first section is for about 1.5 hours. This section will be concentrated on the application techniques for your facial features. The second section is for 0.5 hour which is solely dedicated to your questions ranging from skin products to application products. The third and last section is where you will try and apply the techniques learnt in the first part of the session. It is up to you if you would like to practice the techniques on yourself or a model. 

I would recommend that you bring along your own makeup so we can review and suggest how it can be updated and supplemented, if need be. My makeup lessons are not only informative and enjoyable but are also easy to follow and can be integrated into your everyday lifestyle.

I also do group workshops. For more details, please message me via the Contact section. 

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